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Online Logic Seminar on Foundations of Mathematics (6)
Date:2020-11-27  Clicks:3

Lecture Title: Kripke-Platek set theory

Speaker: Dr. Fedor Pakhomov (School of Mathematics, Ghent University, Belgium)

Date and Time: 2020-12-01, 7pm-9pm Beijing time (11am-1pm UTC)

Commentator: Dr. Zachiri McKenzie (School of Mathematics, University of Technology, Australia)

Organizer: School of Philosophy, Wuhan University


Kripke-Platek set theory is a relatively weak set theory that has multiple connections with the fields of computability theory, proof-theory and model theory. In this talk I will introduce the theory and outline some of the connections.

About the speaker:

Dr. Fedor Pakhomov’s research interests are mainly in the fields of proof theory and foundations of mathematics. His recent  research work covers ordinal analysis, provability logics, limits of applicability of Goedel's 2nd incompleteness theorem, formal theories of truth, and Presburger arithmetic.

Platform: Zoom

Zoom ID611 4696 9436