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Online Logic Seminar on Foundations of Mathematics (3)
Date:2020-10-26  Clicks:29

Lecture Title: Cut elimination and provably recursive functions

Speaker: Prof. Andreas Weiermann (School of Mathematics, Ghent University, Belgium)

Date and Time: 27th October 2020, 7pm-9pm Beijing time (1pm-3pm Belgium time)

Interlocutor: Dr. Fei Liang (Shandong University)

Organizer: School of Philosophy, Wuhan University


We start with sketching the Gentzen cut elimination theorem for predicate logic. We then introduce an infinitary system for Peano arithmetic which allows for cut elimination. By refining the classical cut elimination proof we obtain a neat characterization of the provably recursive functions of Peano arithmetic in terms of ordinal recursive functions.

About the speaker:

Prof. Andreas Weiermann is a Senior full professor in the school of mathematics at Ghent University in Belgium. He has made many contributions in varied fields of logic. His research interest covers proof theory, subrecursive hierarchies, term rewriting, well partial orderings, analytic combinatorics of the transfinite, phase transitions for Goedel incompleteness. He is editor of the Springer series “Trends in Logic”. Except for logic, he likes painting. He truly believes that art and mathematics fit nicely together and that creativity is one unifying element.

Platform: Zoom

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