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March 14 Dr Ian Leask Talk: Dialogical Difficulty: Re-Reading Plato’s Meno
Date:2019-03-09  Clicks:22

Dialogical Difficulty: Re-Reading Platos Meno


Dr Ian Leask

WHU Philosophy Spring Seminar Series


Plato’s Meno – in which an uneducated slave apparently demonstrates innate geometrical understanding – is often assumed to provide a paradigmatic example of what philosophical dialogue might achieve. This paper considers, instead, whether the assumption of clear and transparent conversation might mask various problematic, even aporetic, issues. Furthermore, I want to consider whether the Meno might provoke wider questions about the general efficacy of dialogue – and so, in turn, whether it might show Plato himself to question what might seem ‘obviously Platonic’.  

About the Speaker

Dr Ian LeaskLecturer in PhilosophyDublin City University

When and Where·

When: 15:00-17:00, 14 March 2019

Where: B214, Zhenhua Building