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February 21 Matthew S. Bedke Talk: Naturalism and Normative Cognition
Date:2019-02-15  Clicks:38


Matthew S. Bedke

WHU Philosophy Spring Seminar Series

Thursday 21 February, 2019

时间:2019221 下午15:00-17:00

地点:哲学学院振华楼 B214

The lecture is given in English


Normative cognition seems rather important, even ineliminable. Communities that lack normative concepts like SHOULD, IS A REASON TO, JUSTIFIES, etc. seem cognitively handicapped and communicatively muzzled. And yet a popular metaethic, naturalism, has a hard time accommodating this felt ineliminability. Here, I press the argument against naturalism, consider some replies by David Copp and Nicholas Laskowski, and suggest that a version of subjectivist naturalism does the best job preserving the importance and ineliminability of this special way of thinking.

About the Speaker

Matthew S. BEDKE is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of British Columbia. He works on ethics, metaethics, and the nature of normativity. He specializes in the nature of normative cognition, normative metaphysics, and normative epistemology.  

When and Where

Seminar Presentation:

· When: 15:00-17:00, 21 Februrary 2019

· Where: B214, Zhenhua Building