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November 16 Dr. Scott Shalkowski Talk“No Cheating Allowed”
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No Cheating Allowed


Dr. Scott Shalkowski

University of Leeds (the U.K.)

WHU Philosophy Fall Seminar Series

Friday 16 November 2018

时间:20181116日 下午14:30-16:00



Beginning with The Standard Gameof philosophy of religion, I isolate some ways in which that game is structured unfairly, permitting rhetorical and intellectual cheating by those who play the game for anti-theistic purposes. Since to be forewarned is to be forearmed, I encourage awareness of these ways in which the game is often, in practice, rigged so that the rigging can be noted and discarded. Christian apologists are entitled to insist that strategies and styles of argument must be available to all, if to any, and that it is permissible to treat most so-called agnostic positions and attitudes not as neutral refuges, but as substantive claims or commitments that themselves require rigorous defense, no less than do their religious counterparts.

About the Speaker

Dr Scott Shalkowski is a Senior Lecturer in the University of Leeds, the UK. His research interests mostly concern metaphysics with special attention to modality and metaphysical method and the epistemology of religious belief. He has been nominated for an Excellence in Teaching Award and received awards from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Australian Research Council, and the British Academy. In recent years, he has participated in the Arché Modality research network at The University of St. Andrews and has lectured at the Universities of Arizona, Notre Dame, Nantes, Nancy and various UK universities.

When and Where

Seminar Presentation:

When: 14:30-16:00, 16 November 2018

Where: B214, Zhenhua Building窗体底端