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October 11 Abelard Podgorski Talk: Partiality, Identity, and Procreation
Date:2018-10-09  Clicks:260

“Partiality, Identity, and Procreation”


Assistant Professor Abelard Podgorski

WHU Philosophy Fall Seminar Series

Thursday 11 October 2018

时间:20181011 下午15:00-17:00



According to commonsense morality, while we have reason to be concerned about the effects of our actions on anyone’s welfare, we have special reason to be concerned with the effects of our actions on the welfare of people to whom we have certain relationships, like our children. In this paper, I examine a where the identity of people to whom we bear the special relationship depends on our action – for example, when our choice affects which possible child is born to us. I will argue that any plausible account will entail that reasons of special concern do not bear in anything like the normal way on decisions about the identity of the object of special concern, and explore the surprising implications of this claim for the ethics of procreation, genetic engineering, and other identity-affecting practical decisions.

About the Speaker

Abelard Podgorski is Assistant Professor from Department of PhilosophyNational University of Singapore. His research field is in normative theory broadly construed, especially in the philosophy of rationality, normative uncertainty, and population ethics.

When and Where

Seminar Presentation:

· When: 15:00-17:00

· Where: B214