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May 7, Steven Wall “Minimal Political Liberalism”
Date:2018-05-04  Clicks:155

Minimal Political Liberalism

Professor Steven Wall

史蒂文· 沃尔教授 (Steven Wall) :世界顶尖政治哲学学者,美国亚利桑那大学哲学系教授(目前该系政治哲学排名世界第一),担任《牛津大学政治哲学研究》主编,在剑桥大学出版社等出版4部著作,在Journal of Political Philosophy, Political Theory, The Journal of Philosophy等国际顶级期刊上发表40多篇论文。)

WHU Philosophy Spring Seminar Series

Monday 7 May 2018


‘Political liberalism’ names a form of liberalism that Rawls propounded in his enormously influential 1993 book and in subsequent writings. Discussion of this form of liberalism understandably has centered on the interpretation and critical assessment of Rawls’ writings. This paper investigates political liberalism, and so it cannot avoid engagement with Rawlsian texts entirely. Yet political liberalism also can be understood as an umbrella term that refers to an ongoing research program in political philosophy – one that encompasses views that go beyond or differ substantially from those advanced by Rawls. If political liberalism is understood in this more inclusive way, then it contains much unexplored territory. The terrain of rival politically liberal views has not been mapped out, much less comparatively assessed. Indeed, to appreciate the range of views encompassed by this terrain we need to investigate the characteristic features of political liberal views on this broadened understanding. With this objective in mind, this paper aims to identify the minimal content of political liberalism. The minimal content of political liberalism is identified by reflecting on the weakest set of commitments that a citizen must have to qualify as a political liberal citizen in good standing. The paper also aims to identify the motivations for moving from robust to more minimal versions of the view. The point of the exercise is not only to gain a better understanding of political liberalism, understood broadly, but also to bring into sharper view competing tendencies and desiderata within the political liberal project.

About the Speaker

Steven Wall is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Arizona. He works primarily on questions in political philosophy, but also has interests in ethics and philosophy of law.

Suggested Background Reading

Wall, Steven, ‘Minimal Political Liberalism’ (draft manuscript).

When and Where

· When: 16:00-17:15 时间:5月7日,周一下午 4点。

· Where: B214, School of Philosophy 地点:哲学学院 B214 报告厅