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May 4-5 Public Reason Workshop
Date:2018-05-01  Clicks:213

Public Reason Workshop


School of Philosophy, Wuhan University


Time/ 时间 4th and 5th May 2018.



Robbie Arrell, Wuhan University

Thomas M. Besch, Wuhan University

Ben Cross, Wuhan University

Paul Patton, University of New South Wales

Uwe Steinhoff, University of Hong Kong

Tu Zhang, Shanghai University of Finances and Economics

Steven Wall, University of Arizona

Jinzhou Ye, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Talk titles/abstracts:

Robbie Arrell: “Public Reason and Pregnancy”

Thomas M. Besch: “On Robust Discursive Equality”

Ben Cross: “Is public reason unrealistic, and if so, how?”

Paul Patton: “The Content of Public Reason: Normative and Empirical Dimensions”

Uwe Steinhoff: “Border Coercion and “Democratic Legitimacy”: A Reductio of Arash Abizadeh’s Argument against Currently Existing Border Controls”

Tu Zhang: “Is Integrity Foundational to Public Justification?”

Steven Wall: “Public Reason and Reconciliation”

Jinzhou Ye: “The Logic of Public Reason