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Western Sydney University - Wuhan University Double MA Lunch Meeting
Date:2019-09-26  Clicks:122

At 12:00 noon on September 24th, Dimitris Vardoulakis, a professor from the Western Sydney University, had a relaxing lunch meeting with a few graduate students at the School of Philosophy room B422. At the lunch meeting, there are also professor Li Yong and staff member, Mrs. Miao Shuang.

The lunch meeting was held in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. First of all, Professor Dimitris introduced the students to the basic situation and had a cordial and friendly talking with students.

Later, Professor Dimitris introduced the cooperation project between Wuhan University and Western Sydney University. Professor Li Yong also gave an introduction to the project, encouraging students to get relevant information and try for this academic exchange.

Western Sydney University has the strongest European Continental Philosophy scholarship in the Asia Pacific region and is also closely associated with several philosophy departments of American universities. This project is designed to help more academically motivated undergraduate and graduate students have an opportunity to study philosophy abroad. The inter-university agreement signed between the two universities includes an undergraduate and postgraduate exchange program, offering an opportunity to pursue a master's degree in European Continental Philosophy from the Western Sydney University and a dual doctoral program in collaboration with the Western Sydney University.

Finally, Professor Dimitris answered the questions from the students about the project and welcomed everyone to participate in this project.

The one-hour lunch meeting ended in a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone had an in-depth exchange during the relaxed meal, which further enriched their understanding of each other.

(Photo&Written by Liao Shuting)