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Prof. Petroc Sumner from Cardiff University Gave a Lecture in School of Philosophy
Date:2019-03-05  Clicks:8

    At the invitation of our school, professor Petroc Sumner, dean of the School of Psychology, Cardiff University in the UK, visited our school and gave a talk on March 1st. The lecture is titled as "What do Psychopaths, Climate Change and Eye-movements Have in Common".


At the start of the lecture, professor Sumner introduced the beautiful and quaint campus of Cardiff University, as well as the School of Psychology, which was one of the largest research centers for psychology and neuroscience in UK. The lecture was divided into three parts. At first, professor Sumner shared his decision-making research with our teachers and students. Professor Sumner refuted the assertion that the human brain was a decision-making machine, pointing out that the human brain had inherent advantages in decision-making. From the point of view of cognitive nerve science, there are seven areas in the human brain: social context, personality, emotion, reward, control, habit and reflex, which are related to decision-making. The research explores these aspects by means of investigation, self-report scale, eye-movement technique and Go-no go paradigm etc., thus comprehensively summarizing the decision-making mechanism of our human brain. After the wonderful lecture, professor Sumner had a cordial exchange with the audience. The teachers and students showed great interest in professor Sumner’s research, and actively asked questions about “self-awareness”, “micro-expression”, “emotion” and so on. Professor Sumner answered all the questions, which benefited the teachers and students greatly.

The second part of the lecture was experiment participation. The participants experienced VR glasses under the guidance of professor Sumner. Afterwards, the students wore the glasses for visual adaptation experiment and experienced the magical visual result brought by the changes in visual system.


At last, professor Sumner introduced the undergraduate and postgraduate exchange programs of Cardiff University, including the short-term summer student exchange program and the one-year exchange program. He also answered questions about the fees, curriculum and language requirements. The lecture ended with warm applause. Written By: Lirong Qin