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Professor Matthew S. Bedke Talk on “Naturalism and Normative Cognition”
Date:2019-03-04  Clicks:3

On February 21th, the lecture about Naturalism and Normative Cognition was held in the room B214 of the Zhenhua Building. Professor Matthew S. Bedke who came from University of British Columbia paid a visit to the School of Philosophy of Wuhan University and gave us an interesting lecture. As one of the series of Lectures by Overseas Scholars, nearly thirty students and faculty members attended this lecture.  

Professor Matthew S. Bedke

Professor Bedke works on ethics, metaethics, and the nature of normativity. He specializes in the nature of normative cognition, normative metaphysics and normative epistemology.

In the nearly two-hour lecture, Professor Matthew mainly talked about naturalism and normative cognition. He pointed out that normative cognition is an important, even ineliminable, aspect of our cognitive lives.