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Dr. Scott Shalkowski Talk on “No Cheating Allowed”
Date:2018-11-27  Clicks:18

On November 16th, Dr. Scott Shalkowski, a Senior Lecturer at School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science at the University of Leeds (the U.K.), gave a lecture on "No Cheating Allowed" in Room B214, Zhenhua Building. As one of the series of Lectures by Overseas Scholars, many international faculty members participated in and listened to this lecture. The lecture was hosted by Associate Dean Li Yong.

In the case of the religious commandment "No Cheating Allowed", Dr. Shalkowski pointed out the standard game against religion. The opponents would briefly examine the main divine attributes and conclude that some attributes involve paradox and that no being could be God. When we examined the standard theistic arguments in the religion, we found that none was beyond this philosophical controversy. Applying this to the problem of evil, it was the same.

From this paradox, the rationality model in religious argumentation was actually a failure. The reasons were as follows: first, the reasons for justifying must be accepted by others; Second, if these reasons genuinely sufficed, they must be accepted by the hearer. The dilemma was how to be understood by children.

Dr. Shalkowski pointed out that the solution to this problem must go beyond the specific argumentation process, and therefore must be solved in a religious way of thinking. In Dr. Shalkowski's opinion, some questions are actually natural in religious concepts, such as "why do we live in a universe that allows life" and "why do we live in this special time in the universe?". Meanwhile, other questions are totally meaningless, such as "Steady State, Eternal Universe?" ", "Single Universe Big bang? ", "Life is ubiquitous in the universe? "And" Life is scarce in the universe?"  

At the end of the lecture, Dr. Shalkowski and other overseas scholars had a heated discussion about the existence of religious argumentation.

At 4:30, the delegation from the University of Leeds had a meeting with staff and faculty members from School of Philosophy at B301, Zhenhua Building. Associate Dean Li Yong hosted the meeting. Mr. Zhang Cheng, Associate manager of Section of International Relations and Partnerships, Office of International Affairs attended the meeting, together with other young faculty members from School of Philosophy.

At first, Associate Dean Li Yong introduced the development of Wuhan University as well as School of Philosophy. Then Professor Graeme Gooday, Head of School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science, gave an introduction to the University of Leeds and their school.

The participants on both sides had in-depth communication and discussion on collaborative programs. They also exchanged ideas on student exchange programs.

Finally, Associate Dean Li Yong hope that both can deepen the communication between the two universities, and that both provide more opportunities for students from each other.