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Lecture on “Normal or Abnormal? The Pathologies and Symptoms in Children” Given by Prof. Claude Schauder
Date:2018-11-05  Clicks:6

On the evening of November 1, Claude Schauder, professor in clinical psychopathology at Villetaneuse-Paris University and Strasbourg University, gave a lecture on "Normal or Abnormal? The Pathologies and Symptoms in Children" in room B107 in the School of Philosophy, Zhenhua Building. Associate professor Zhao Junhua hosted the lecture.

Professor Schauder, is the Docteur Honoris causa of Kiev University (Ukrainia); President of ALDA (association promoting French psychoanalyst Françoise DOLTO); Expert of the International Criminal Court of Den Haag (NL); Founding member of La Maisonnée, and president of this association. For many years, he has paid great attention to the problem of children's mental and behavioral disorder.

In the nearly two-hour lecture, Professor Schauder used the theory of psychoanalysis to analyze the child's behavior in detail and revealed the psychological factors hidden behind normal or abnormal behavior of the child. First, he criticized the traditional physiological pathology treatment of children's abnormal behavior, which was considered to confuse the boundary between psychological and physical diseases. What’s worse, the traditional physiological treated symptom elimination as its standard of treatment, which not only led to the abuse of drugs, but also failed to uncover the real causes of children’ behavior. Then, Professor Schauder presented the views of psychoanalyst on this matter. Considerably, children's abnormal behavior came from the subconscious, while not merely came from the pathological reasons. In fact, there was no clear line between normal and morbid behavior. To be more precisely, most of the behaviors of children were not pathological, strange or meaningless, but rather a way to express anxiety or a psychic pain as well as a mode of adaptation or a defense mechanism. In addition, Professor Schauder mentioned that people should not focus merely on children's behavior, but also on their psychological environment, such as the family or social environment. Finally, Professor Schauder once again stressed that in the face of abnormal behaviors of children, it was necessary to put the symptoms, children’s talking (which can show the subconscious), psychological environment in the same position, because only in this way can we understand the causes of children’s behavior better, then, help children release from anxiety, suffer or pain.

In the interactive session, Professor Schauder answered the questions of teachers and students on the spot. Finally, associate professor Zhao Junhua made a brief comment. The lecture ended in warm applause.