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China Employer-Employee survey data And center

April 7, 2016

China Employer-Emplpoyee Survey Data and Center is a basic large data research institutions dominated by the Wuhan University Institute of Quality Development Strategy. Center rely on "China Employer-Employee Survey" (CEES), through scientific sampling, field questionnaire survey, to get data indicators of enterprise operating performance, production and sales, innovation, human resources data and index, Provide professional data support for related disciplines of academic research, such as economics and management, provide basic and norm of decision support for our country's economic development policy.

China Employer-Emplpoyee Survey in guaranteeing basic content, the investigation object matching, the investigation of the direct, investigate the continuity of time and based on the principle of sample representativeness, adopted strict random stratified sampling method, to investigated enterprise's production, marketing, technology, management, finance, information such as staff. All survey data index is obtained by professional field into the enterprise, fully ensure the authenticity and reliability of the data samples.

In order to better plan and guide China Employer-Emplpoyee Survey data and centers commence to work, the center set up "China Enterprises-Employee Survey" International Advisory Committee, the aim is to provide professional, scientific and International advice and guidance for the development of CEES.

"China Employer-Emplpoyee Survey "set up a professional and academic enterprise survey database, not only greatly promote the economics, management and other disciplines of theoretical and empirical research, promote internationalization of China's economic development level, and provide basic and norm of decision support for our country's economic development policy. Therefore, the research has important academic and application value.