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State Leaders Made Important Instructions Continuously on Research Results of IQDS

April 7, 2016

In 2013, Professor Cheng’s team in our department completed a major project which was highly valued by the leadership of the State Council and the relevant national authorities. The state Councilor Wang Yong made two important instructions; and the National Quality testing Bureau chief Zhi Shuping made two instructions. The National Quality testing Bureau Deputy Directors Pu Changcheng and Sun Dawei made one instruction respectively.

As one of the research results of the project named "quality and safety evaluation of the Network Warning Method" (No. 11 & ZD158) which was supported by the National Social Science Fund, "2012 China Quality Development Observation Report" attracted great repercussions in the community since it has been released officially from May 2013. Based on this observation report, the team summarized a special report. The special report included the overall situation of Chinese quality development, consumers’ confidence in the environment of the Quality and safety and the quality condition of rural area. The special report also presented some policy recommendations such as putting emphasis on the quality of enterprises, strengthening and improving supervision and management of government on the quality and playing a better role of market and social forces in the management of the quality. Director of AQSIQ Zhi Shuping and Deputy Director Pu Changcheng made instructions on May 16 respectively. Based on the special report, AQSIQ wrote a brief report and submitted it to the State Council on June 25, 2013. The State Councilor Wang Yong made important instructions about the brief report on June 26, 2013.

Professor Cheng’s team made an in-depth study of Chinese quality and safety control. They proposed a policy recommendation that "use the group as a platform to integrate the technical institutions of different nature, different industries and different units; explore practical ways and means to integrate large-scale technology institutions of quality service". They also formed a special report and submitted it to the State Council on August 21, 2013. The special Report was highly valued by the State Council, and the State Councilor Wang made important instructions on August 22. Subsequently, director of AQSIQ Zhi Shuping and deputy director Sun Dawei signed respectively.