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Experts of IQDS conduct academic exchanges in America

April 7, 2016

At the invitation of American Economics Annual Conference (AEA), American Social Science Association (ASSA) and Duke University, professor Cheng, dean of IQDS, leading a study tour of five members, carried out academic alternating from 2016 January 1st to 6th in America.

In terms of inter-school visit, the study tour visited Stanford University, Duke University in proper order, and carried out extensive and in-depth academic alternating with Kenneth Land, honorary professor of Department of Sociology in Duke University, professor Li from Stanford University and professor Park from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

As to academic conferences, Professor Cheng and his entourage had a deep communication with economists around the world through the platform advantage of 2016 AEA, especially in field of development economics, health economics, labor economics, and food label. During AEA, the study tour not only had an in-depth academic discussions with the internationally renowned professor, such as Stiglitz, Basu, Sloan, but also communicate with expert representatives of China Data Center, University of Michigan and the European Central Bank. Professor Cheng recommended Chinese Enterprise-Employee Survey (CEES) to them, which gained highly recognition by most of experts.