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  • China Employer-Employee survey data And center

    April 28, 2016
    China Employer-Emplpoyee Survey Data and Center is a basic large data research institutions dominated by the Wuhan University Institute of Quality Development Strategy. Center rely on "China Employer-Employee Survey" (CEES), through scientific sampling, field questionnaire survey, to get data indicators of enterprise operating performance, production and sales, innovation, human resources data ...
  • "China Enterprises-Employee Match Survey" International Committee Agreement

    May 4, 2016
    Article oneAccording to 《Higher education law of the People's Republic of China》and regulations of Wuhan University, the China Enterprises-Employee Match Survey International Committee (refer to The Committee below) is established by CEES’s performing organization--Wuhan University Institute of Quality Development Strategy (China Enterprise Research Centre).Article twoThe...
  • Sampling method

    April 28, 2016
    ​1.City sampling: random sampling according to GDP and weighted population.2.Enterprise sampling: random sampling based on the economic census database.3.Staff sampling: random sampling according to the roster of staff
  • Quality Control

    April 28, 2016
    Questionnaire to review​·On-site verification, find the problem and solve on the spot;  ·Check back in dwelling place, review each question, picking out questions for modification;·Call-back, to verify, supplement and correct the answers mentioned above;·Inspecting data entry, check two companies' data entry by comparing the electronic with paper version of the original questionnaire.
  • Key Events

    April 28, 2016
    Pilot survey in Shunde, Shenzhen, Dongguan in 2012-2014 2014Simulation survey in Yangzhou in April 2015
  • Advisory Reports

    April 28, 2016
        14 government policy advisory reports, among which  “Report on Survey Results of 'Transforming and Upgrading, Improving Quality and Efficiency’ of Guangdong Manufacturing Industry”, and acquire the written instructions or comments from Zhu Xiaodan, governor of Guangdong Province, and Liu Zhigeng, the vice governor.
  • Organization structure

    April 20, 2016
    ​Finance Departmen
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