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Timothy Perrine
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Timothy Perrine



Ph.D., Philosophy, Indiana University (June 2017)

Minor: History and Philosophy of Science

B.A., Philosophy, Calvin College (May 2010)

Areas of Specialization and Competence

AOS: Epistemology, Value Theory, Philosophy of Religion,

AOC: Ethics, Metaphysics,


Articles and Book Chapters

(1) “Cornell Realism, Explanation, and Natural Properties,” with Luis R. G. Oliveira. European Journal of Philosophy, forthcoming.

(2) “Skeptical Theism,” with Stephen J. Wykstra, in The Cambridge Companion to the Problem of Evil, eds. Paul Moser and Chad Meister. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017. 85-107.

(3) “Undermining Truthmaker Theory.” Synthese. 192.1 (2015): 185-200.

(4) “A Note on Johnson’s ‘A Refutation of Skeptical Theism’.” Sophia. 54.1 (2015): 35-43.

(5) “Against Kornblith Against Reflective Knowledge.” Logos and Episteme. 5.3 (2014): 351-60.

(6) “In Defense of Non-Reductionism in the Epistemology of Testimony.” Synthese. 191.14 (2014): 3227-3237.

(7) “Skeptical Theism, Abductive Atheology, and Theory Versioning,” with Stephen J. Wykstra, in Skeptical Theism: New Essays, ed. Trent Dougherty and Justin McBrayer. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014. 142-163.

(8) “Envy and Its Discontents,” with Kevin Timpe, in Virtues and Their Vices, ed. Craig A. Boyd and Kevin Timpe. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014. 225-244

(9) “The Foundations of Skeptical Theism: CORNEA, CORE, and Conditional Probabilities,” with Stephen J. Wykstra. Faith and Philosophy. 29.4 (2012): 37599.

(10) “Envy and Self-worth: Amending Aquinas’ Definition of Envy.” American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, 85:3 (2011): 433-46.

Reviews and Discussions

(1) Book review of Gregory Mellema’s Complicity and Moral Accountability (University of Notre Dame, 2016) Journal of Moral Philosophy, forthcoming.

(2) Book note on Jonathan Lear’s A Case for Irony, (Harvard University Press, 2011), The Review of Metaphysics. 66.1 (2012): 155-6.

(3) Book review, with Stephen J. Wykstra, of John Schellenberg’s The Wisdom to Doubt: A Justification of Religious Skepticism (Cornell University Press, 2008) in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. Published online on 07.16.08.