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Robbie Arrell
Date:2018-01-12  Clicks:160

Robbie Arrell  

Ph.D. University of Melbourne      

Research Area: Moral Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Ethics (Normative and Applied), Bioethics 

Selected Works:  
‘Should we Biochemically Enhance Sexual Fidelity?’ forthcoming in Hauskeller, Michael and Lewis Coyne (eds) Moral Enhancement: Critical Perspectives, Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement, Cambridge University Press, 2018.  
‘The Robust Demands of the Good: Ethics with Attachment, Virtue and Respect, by Philip Pettit’, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 95, 2, pp.408-411, 2017.  
'The Source and Robustness of Duties of Friendship', in International Journal of Philosophical Studies, 22, 2, pp.166-183, 2014 (winner of the Robert Papazian Essay Prize awarded annually by the IJPS).