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Thomas Aquinas and Mediaeval Philosophy
Date:2016-06-23  Clicks:246

Thomas Aquinas and Mediaeval Philosophy
    A Workshop for Master's and Doctoral Students in China

             School of Philosophy, Wuhan University

     25-27 November 2016

 Sponsored by:

The Aquinas Institute, Blackfriars, University of Oxford (UK); The School of Philosophy of Wuhan University, and First Things 

of New York (USA)

The Workshop will be a systematic introduction to the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas in the context of developments in philosophy in the European Latin Middle Ages. Topics will include the philosophy of nature, metaphysics, epistemology, philosophical anthropology, natural law and ethics, and philosophy as wisdom. Presentations will be given by: Dr. William E. Carroll (University of Oxford, UK); Dr. Michael Sherwin (University of Fribourg, Switzerland); Dr.Thomas Joseph White (The Thomistic Institute, Washington, D.C., USA); and Dr. Wu Tianyue(Peking University). In addition, there will be a reading and discussion of a text from Thomas Aquinas on the evening of 26 November. The Workshop seeks to provide the opportunity to create an intellectual community for the exploration of fundamental philosophical themes.

Accommodations (two students per room) at Luo Jia Hotel at Wuhan, all meals, and a reimbursement to help to defray the cost for travel in China to and from Wuhan will be provided for 20 students. Those students who wish to be considered for one of the twenty places should send an email to Dr. William E. Carroll [william.carroll@theology.ox.ac.uk] with a copy to Mr. Lu Peng of Wuhan University [jinshanjianghao@hotmail.com]. In the email,please indicate: 1) your name, academic status, area(s) of specialization, and institution; 2) your email address, mobile telephone number, and WeChat address (if you have one); 3) whether you are male or female; 4) a few sentences about your study of Thomas Aquinas and mediaeval philosophy and why you would like to participate in the Workshop. The deadline for being considered for one of the 20 places is 21 June 2016.

The various lectures of the Workshop will be open to the public (subject to the limitations of space in the conference center at Wuhan). For further information, write to either Dr. Carroll or Mr. Lu Peng, whose email addresses are in the previous paragraph.