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October 26 Sébastien Charles Talk:“Scepticism in Early Modern Times”
Date:2018-10-20  Clicks:483

Scepticism in Early Modern Times


Professor Sébastien Charles

Université du Quebec à Trois-Rivières (Canada)

WHU Philosophy Fall Seminar Series

Friday 26 October 2018

时间:20181026 下午16:30-18:00



Defining modern scepticism is in itself a challenge. In fact, there is no specific form of scepticism in Modern Times, but different scepticisms, which differ not only according to the antique current of which they are inspired but also according to their use by the Moderns. My intervention will therefore propose an interpretation of this ambiguous notion of modern scepticism by questioning it from a pluralist approach in order to challenge Richard H. Popkin's univocal reading of it, and also by grasping the elements of continuity and rupture with ancient scepticism, which will lead us ultimately to evoke a mitigated scepticism, specific to the Enlightenment, which can still be useful today.

About the Speaker

Sébastien Charles, Vice-President of Research and Development at the Université du Quebec à Trois-Rivières (Canada), is a specialist of modern skepticism issues. His work has focused on two major themes: the resurgence of academic skepticism during the 17th and 18th centuries and the influence of skepticism on the Enlightenment, and on some outstanding figures of modern skepticism, notably Simon Foucher, Pierre-Daniel Huet and Voltaire.

When and Where

Seminar Presentation:

· When: 16:30-18:00

· Where: B214

Reading:  S. Charles, Scepticism in Early Modern Times.docx