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June 13 Lecture: Is a Good God Logically Possible? 至善的上帝逻辑上可能吗?
Date:2018-05-31  Clicks:307

Lecture: “Is a Good God Logically Possible?”  至善的上帝逻辑上可能吗?

主讲人:James P. Sterba (美国圣母大学哲学系教授)

       Philosophy Professor, University of Notre Dame, US

Location: Room, B214, School of Philosophy, 振华楼B214

Time: June 13 (Wed), 3:00pm-5:00pm  613

  Summary: In philosophy today, most atheists and theists agree that the existence of an all good, all powerful God is logically possible.  Atheists then argue that while possible such a God is very improbable. Theists, in contrast, argue that such a God is not only possible but also very probable.  In this talk, I argue that both the atheists and the theists have got it wrong.  The existence of an all good, all powerful God, I will show, is logically impossible given the degree and amount of evil in our world.