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May 24- Bryan Van Norden -Do We Have to Tolerate the Intolerant?
Date:2018-05-27  Clicks:70

   Bryan Van Norden -Do We Have to Tolerate the Intolerant?

On the afternoon of May 24, Chair Professor of the School of philosophy, Bryan Van Norden, gave a lecture, "Do we have to tolerate the intolerant?" in Room B214 of the School of philosophy.

From 02:30 pm to 03:30 pm, the professor, together with the teachers and students attending the lecture held a pre-seminar on freedom of speech.


From 04:30 pm to 5: 30 pm, Professor Bryan Van Norden delivered his lecture. The professor reviewed John Stuart Mill’s classic argument in On Liberty for the idea of unlimited freedom of expression. And then he discussed two political philosophies that criticize Mill from different perspectives: Herbert Marcuse’s New Left critique in his classic essay, “Repressive Tolerance,” and critiques based on Aristotelian or Confucian conceptions of the state as a community unified by a shared conception of the good life.


Finally, the students and professors who attended the lecture had a heated discussion on the related issues of the lecture. (Yinfeng ZHENG)