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Tim Connolly’s Visit
Date:2016-05-15  Clicks:137


Tim Connolly, American comparative philosopher, and the Chair of Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at East Stroudsburg University, came to Wuhan University on a three-day visit. From May 11 to May 13, Professor Connolly exchanged views on Confucian Ethics and shared his experience on publishing on academic journals with the faculties and students of the school of philosophy.


On May 11, Professor Connolly delivered a lecture on Competing Interpretations of Early Confucian Ethics”. In this lecture, Professor Connolly introduced two representative interpretations on Confucian Ethics: virtue ethics and role ethics. And he also put forward his own opinions about the two views and exchanged ideas with the audience.


On May 12, Professor Connolly met with some faculties and graduate students and talked about how to write philosophy papers and submitting to journals.