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The Third Annual Conference on the Analytical Approach to Ethics
Date:2016-04-22  Clicks:126

The conference was held at the school of philosophy at Wuhan university in March 26-27, 2016. More than thirty Scholars participated in the seminar. They are from over ten universities and academic institutes home and abroad, including University of Arizona, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Renmin University of China, Zhongshan University, Shandong University, East China Normal University and Wuhan University.


The conference included four sessions, and a author-meets-critics session on David Schmidtz’s book, Person, Polis and Planet. Papers presented by the participants covered various topics such as the tension between freedom and equality, the relation between distributive justice and personal identity, Locke’s doctrine of natural rights, naturalistic interpretation of metaethics, Kant’s teleology, Plato’s view of justice, and free will, etc.