Lecture on Indian Nyāya Philosophy Given by Prof. Dipti Tripathi

On the evening of September 26, Prof. Dipti Tripathi, former Dean in the Sanskrit Department of University of Delhi, gave a lecture about the Indian Nyāya Philosophy. This was the third time Prof.Tripathi has been invited to visit Wuhan University, according to Cao Yan, associate professor of the Department of Religious Studies. Prof. Dipti Tripathi shared the topic of Veda and  Yoga with stud...

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    October 26 Sébastien Charles Talk:“Scepticism in Early Modern Times” “Scepticism in Early Modern Times”近代早期的怀疑论Professor Sébastien CharlesUniversité du Quebec à Trois-Rivières (Canada)WHU Philosophy Fall Seminar SeriesFriday 26 October 2018时间:2018年10月26日 下午14:30-16:00地点:哲学学院振华楼214AbstractDefining modern scepticism is in itself a challenge. In fact, there is no specific form of scepticism in Modern Times, but different scepticisms, whi...
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    October 18 Renee Bolinger Talk: Objective Rights and Epistemic Risks-Beyond Subjective Permissions “Objective Rights and Epistemic Risks: Beyond Subjective Permissions”客观权利和认识风险:超越主观许可Renee BolingerWHU Philosophy Fall Seminar SeriesThursday 18 October 2018时间:2018年10月18日 下午15:00-17:00地点:哲学学院振华楼214AbstractThis paper argues that our understanding of objective rights must be sensitive to agents’ epistemic limitations. On one popular understanding (which the a...
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    October 11 Abelard Podgorski Talk: Partiality, Identity, and Procreation “Partiality, Identity, and Procreation”偏袒,身份和生育Assistant Professor Abelard PodgorskiWHU Philosophy Fall Seminar SeriesThursday 11 October 2018时间:2018年10月11日 下午15:00-17:00地点:哲学学院振华楼214AbstractAccording to commonsense morality, while we have reason to be concerned about the effects of our actions on anyone’s welfare, we have special reason to be concerned with the eff...
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    June 28 Charles Barbour “The Young Republican: Marx’s Political Writings of 1842-43” “The Young Republican: Marx’s Political Writings of 1842-43”    ​    ​    ​    ​青年共和党:马克思1842-43年的政治学作品Professor Charles BarbourWHU Philosophy Spring Seminar SeriesThursday 28 June 2018    ​    ​    ​    ​    ​    ​    ​    ​    ​    ​    ​    ​    ​    ​    ​    ​    ​时间:2018年6月28日 下午4-5:15    ​    ​    ​    ​    ​    ​    ​    ​    ​  ...