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University Distinguished Professors
  • Tao, Delin
    Research Area: Chinese Transformation of Marxist Philosophy
    Selected Works:
    On the Issues of Criterion of Truth
    Logical Proof and Criterion of Truth
    The Problems of Spiritual World Can’t Be Solved With Dictatorship  
  • Liu, Gangji
    Research Area: Marxist Philosophy, Aesthetics, History of Chinese Aesthetics, Theory on The History of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, Chinese Traditional ideology and Culture
    Selected Works:
    Art Philosophy
    A History of Chinese Aesthetics
    Aesthetics and Philosophy
    Aesthetics of Zhou-yi
  • Bradley Monton
    Ph.D. Princeton University
    Research Area: Metaphysics (especially Philosophy of Time), Philosophy of Science (especially Philosophy of Physics), Formal Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion.
    Selected works:
    Seeking God in Science: An Atheist Defends Intelligent Design, Broadview Press, July 2009. (36 citations)
    Images of Empiricism: Essays on Science and Stances, with a Reply from Bas van Fraassen (edited collection), Oxford University Press, November 2007. (21 citations)
    Atheistic Induction by Boltzmann Brains,” in Two Dozen (or so) Arguments for God: The Plantinga Project, eds Jerry L. Walls and Trent Dougherty, forthcoming in 2017.
    “Morality Grounds Personal Identity,” Philosophical Analysis 31: 1-26, 2014. (1 citation)
    “God Acts in the Quantum World,” Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion Volume V, pp. 167-184, 2014. (2 citations)
  • Thomas M.Besch
    Ph.D. University of Oxford
    Research Area: Political Philosophy, Moral Philosophy, History of Social and Political Philosophy, Introductory Logic, Epistemology
    Selected Works:
    Uber John Rawls’politischen Liberalismus (Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 1998)
    “On the Right to Justification and Discursive Respect“, forthcoming in Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review (accepted Jul 2015).doi: 10.1017/S0012217315000700
    "On Discursive Respect”, in Social Theory and Practice Vol. 40/2(2014). pp. 207-231.
    “On a Reflexive Case for Human Rights”, in Journal of East-West Thought Vol.3/4(2013). pp.51-64.
    “On Political Legitimacy, Reasonableness, and Perfectionism”, in Public Reason Vol.5/1(2013).pp.58-74.  
  • Cheng, Lian
    Ph.D.Rice University
    Research Area: Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics
    Selected Works:
    Mind and Argument (Peking University Press, 2005)
    Key Words In Ethics (Beijing Normal University Press, 2007)
    An Introduction To Ethics(Peking University Press, 2008)
  • Chu, Zhaohua
    Ph.D.Wuhan University
    Research Area: Comparative Political Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy
    Selected Works:
    The Rush of Earth(China Social Sciences Press,2003)
    The Method of Ming-Fen (Commercial Press,2005,2007)  
  • Ding, Sixin
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Pre-Qin and Two Han Dynasties Philosophy, Bamboo and Silk Manuscripts, Zhou-yi
    Selected Works:
    A Study on Guodian Bamboo Slips(Dongfang Press,2000)
    An Annotation on Bamboo-books of Chu and silk manuscripts Zhou-yi (Shanghai Guji Press,2011 )
    A Study on the Dating of the Mozi Dialogues and the Mohist View of Ghosts and Spirits, Contemporary Chinese Thought,Vol.42,No.4,2010
  • Fan, Minghua
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Principle of Aesthetics, Chinese Aesthetics, Environmental Aesthetics, Landscape Plan and Design, Aesthetics of Plastic Arts
    Selected Works:
    The Gate of Freedom: Revelation of Aesthetics
    Zhou-yi and Aesthetics
    A Research on the Aesthetic Thought of ‘An Anthology Famous Paintings Through the Ages’    
  • Guo, Qiyong
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: History of Chinese Philosophy, Pre-Qin Philosophy, Confucian Philosophy, 20th Century Chinese Philosophy
    Selected Works:
    An Exploration of Chinese Philosophy Wisdom
    The Spirit of Chinese Confucianism
    A History of Chinese Philosophy
    A Research on Xiong Shili’s Philosophy
    The Reconstruction of Chinese Humanistic Spirit    
  • Hao, Changchi
    Ph.D. Fordham University
    Research Area: French Phenomenology, Comparative Philosophy, Political Philosophy
    Selected Works:
    "Wu-wei and the Decentering of the Subject in Lao-Zhuang: An Alternative Approach in the Philosophy of Religion", International Philosophical Quarterly (2006), Vol. 46, Issue 4, pp. 445-457;
    "Relativity of the Human World and Dao in Lao-Zhuang", Asian Philosophy (2005),Vol. 15, No.3, pp. 265-280;
    “Is Mo-zi a Utilitarian Philosopher?” Frontiers of Philosophy in China(2006), Vol. 1, Issue 3, pp. 382-400;
    “Lao-Zhuang and St. Augustine on the Issue of Suspension”, Frontiers of Philosophy in China 6 (1), 75-99
    On the“Theological Turn”in French Phenomenology, Frontiers of Philosophy in China , Vol. 8, No. 3, 2013, 428--250    
  • He, Ping
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: History of Marxist Philosophy, Philosophy of Culture
    Selected Works:
    Cognitive Construct of Human and Culture
    The transmutation of Existence and Evaluation
    Marxist Philosophy and Philosophy of Culture  
  • Jiang, Xirun
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Marxist Philosophy
    Selected Works:
    On Structure of Epistemic Subject
    Theme, Argument and Method of Chinese Marxist Philosophy of Value,Marxism 2000, University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
    The Value Conflict and Human Spirit In the New Century, Philosophical Trends, 2002, Vol.10  
  • Li, Dianlai
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Western Marxism, History of Marxist Philosophy, Marxist Political Philosophy
    Selected Works:
    Political Philosophy and Chinese Marxist Philosophy, Historical Materialism 2010 in London;
    Western Marxism and Political Philosophy: an Inquiry of Approach to Western Marxism,Marx and Contemporary Social Theory, 2010 in Shanghai
    Habermas on Life world, 2001 in Kunming
    The research on Habermas in China,Left Forum 2008 in New York  
  • Li, Hongfang
    Ph.D.Peking university
    Research Area: History of Science, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Information
    Selected Works:
    The Dispute of the Concept of Quantum Theory and Episternology (Science Press, 2013) Scientific Experiments Promote Objective Realism——Philosophical Studies on ‘Schrodinger's Cat Cat Paradox‘, Vol.22,No.11,Nov.2006
    The Schrodinger's Cat Paradox, Entanglement and Decoherence (Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science: Proceedings of the 13th International Congress(Volume 2)(Shushan Cai, Guoping Zeng, and Ning Weng, eds), King's College Publications, London, UK, 2011: pp.210-214.)
  • Peng, Fuchun
    Ph.D. Universitat Osnabruck
    Research Area: Aesthetics, Modern German Philosophy (Heidegger), Pre-Qin Thoughts
    Selected Works:
    On Lao Tzu (People’s Press,2014)
    The Principle of Aesthetics(People’s Press, 2012)
    On Heidegger(People’s Press, 2011)
    On Chinese Wisdom(People’s Press, 2010)
  • Sang, Jingyu
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Inter-cultural religious studies,Buddhism, Chinese Religion, Comparative Philosophy
    Selected Works:
    Leibniz and Phenomenology
    A Collection of Confucian Knowledge
    The Heaven and God in Chu Hsi’s Philosophy  
  • Su, Dechao
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics, German Classical Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, Post - modern Culture
    Selected Works:
    Philosophy, Language, and Life: Wittgenstein's Philosophy of Language
    Is God an Aspect?
    Suspicion, synthetic a priori, and definiteness  
  • Wang, Xinyan
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Marxist Philosophy, Chinese Transformation of Marxist Philosophy
    Selected Works:
    Scientific Aesthetics
    Scientific Axiology
    The bipolarity and tension of Cognition  
  • Wen, Bifang
    Ph.D. Zhongshan University
    Research Area: Neo-Confucianism, Confucianism
    Selected Works:
    Interrelation of Guan School and Luo School—— taking Lu Dalin’s Thought as the center
  • Wu, Genyou
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Ming-Qing Philosophy, Lao-Zhuang, Comparative Philosophy
    Selected Works:
    The History of Chinese Social Thoughts
    On the Idea of Freedom and Its Rejection in Chinese Thought and Institutions
    The Creative transformation of Chinese Philosophy    
  • Xiao, Shimei
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Marx, Mao, Ontology, Comparative Philosophy
    Selected Works:
    The stratagems of Mao
    The stratagems of Deng Xiaoping
    The Ontological Thinking-Way in the Chinesization of Marxist Philosophy
  • Xu, Ming
    Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh
    Research Area: Philosophical Logic, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language
    Selected Works:
    Facing the Future: Agents and Choices in Our Indeterminist World,(Oxford University Press,2001)
  • Xu, Shuisheng
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: History of the Philosophical Inter-action between China and Japan, Taoists Philosophy
    Selected Works:
    Chinese Philosophy and Japanese Culture
    The Influence of Ancient Chinese Philosophy on Contemporary Japanese Culture, S0CIAL SCIENCES IN CHINA,1995.3
    嚴復と西周の比較: 哲学用語を中心に,日本《北東アジア研究》17号May,2009    
  • Xu, Tao
    Ph.D. Peking University
    Research Area: Christian Theology, Comparative Religious Studies, Aquinas
    Selected Works:
    Overview of Christian culture (Wuhan University Press, 2013)
    The Stand and Method in Aquinas’s Theory of Soul, Studies in World Religions, No.4, 2011
    Augustine and Chu Hsi
  • Zeng, Xiaoping
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Kant,Hume
  • Zhai, Zhihong
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Religious Studies, Philosophy of Religion, Christian Philosophy, Aquinas, Medieval Theology Selected Works:
    Introduction, Evaluation and Reflection on Contemporary Western Philosophy
    Researches on Aquinas’s Natural theology
    Reason and rationality of cognition  
  • Zhao, Kairong
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Marxist Philosophy, Philosophy of Economy
    Selected Works:
    Systematic Economics
    General Theory of Development
    Reconstruction of Metaphysics
  • Zhao, Lin
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Western Philosophy, Western Culture, History of Christian Thoughts
    Selected Works:
    Hegel’s Philosophy of Religion
    Western Religious Culture
    The History of Western Philosophy    
  • Zhao, Shifa
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Mao, Chinese Transformation of Marxist Philosophy
    Selected Works:
    World History and Harmonious Development——Contemporary Research on Marx theory of world history
    An Introduction to Marxist Philosophy
    Are Multiple Modernities Possible?  
  • Zhong, Nian
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Cultural Psychology, Social Psychology, cultural anthropology, Chinese social and cultural history
    Selected Works:
    Interdiscipline and Psychological research, Journal of Hubei University (Philosophy and Social Science Edition), No.3, 2008
    History, Accumulation and Cultural Mentality: A Case Study of the Tujia Nationality in the Three Gorges Area, Journal of Hubei University (Philosophy and Social Science Edition) No.4, 2007
    Female and Family: Inquiry into Social History and Cultural Psychology, Vol.61, No.2, Mar.2008.263~269    
  • Zhu, Zhifang
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Analytical Philosophy
    Selected Works:
    Scientific Revolution and human knowledge (Hubei People’s Press, 1997)
    Logic, History, and Society (China Social Sciences Press, 2003)
    Verbal Signs, Meaning and Empirical Knowledge (European Journal for Semiotic Studies, Vol. 10(3), 1988)
    Linguistic Relativity and Cultural Communication(Educational Philosophy and Theory, Vol.34, No.2, 2002)  
  • Zou, Yuanjiang
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Chinese Aesthetics, Aesthetics of Drama, Art Aesthetics
    Selected Works:
    On Aesthetics of Environmental Ethics about Living, Hubei Academic Journal, Vol.35, No.2, Mar.2015
    On Image and Non-Objectification (China Social Sciences Press, 2014)
    Philosophy of Life and Aesthetics of Life, Philosophical Investigations, No.3, 2003    
Associate Professors
  • Matthew Lutz
    Ph.D. University of Southern California
    Research Area: Metaethics, Epistemology, Applied Ethics(Bioethics, Medical Ethics, Ethics and Economics), Normative Ethics, Metaphysics(especially Free Will, Cosmology, and Personal Identity)
    Selected Works:
    “The ‘Now What’ Problem for Error Theory”Philosophical Studies 171(2): 351-371, 2014. “The Pragmatics of Pragmatic Encroachment” Synthese 191(8): 1717-1740, 2014.
    “Review of Moral Error Theory: History, Critique, Defense by Jonas Olson” with Stephen Finlay, Ethics 125(4)1219-1225, 2015.
    “Moral Naturalism”with Stephen Finlay. Invited article to appear in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    “Ethics Skepticism”with Jacob Ross. Invited paper to appear in Routledge Handbook of Metaethics, ed.Tristram McPherson and David Plunkett  
  • Chen, Jiangjin
    Ph.D.Peking university
    Research Area: Western Moral Philosophy, Political Philosophy
    Selected Works:
    Utilitarianism and practical reason ——Research on Sidgwick’s Moral philosophy, (People’s Press, 2013)
    The Sense of Justice and Its Evolutionary Explanation
    On Sidgwick’s Role in the History of Utilitarianism  
  • Chen, Xiaoxu
    Ph.D. Cambridge University
    Research Area: Political Philosophy, Ethics
    Selected Works:
    Can Sen’s and Nussbaum’s Capabilities Approach Be Justified as an Approach to Social Justice?
    The Limit of political liberalism, World Philosophy, No.1, 2012, pp.110-118
    The Baseline consensus of liberalism and Philosophical Foundation    
  • Cheng, Yong
    Ph.D. National University of Singapore
    Research Area: Symbolic Logic, Analytical Philosophy
    Selected Works:
    Harrington's principle in higer order arithmetic, Yong Cheng and Ralf Schindler, The Journal of Symbolic Logic / Volume 80 / Issue 02 / June 2015, pp477-489,SCI
    Forcing a setmodel of Z_3 + Harrington’s Principle, Yong Cheng, Math.Log. Quart. 61, No. 4-5, 274-287 (2015), SCI
    The strong reflecting property and Harrington’s Principle, Yong Cheng,Math. Log. Quart. 61, No. 4-5, 329-340 (2015), SCI
    Large cardinals need not be large in HOD, Yong Cheng, Sy-David Friedmanand Joel David Hamkins, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, Volume 166, Issue 11,November 2015, Pages 1186-1198, SCI
    Indestructibility properties of remarkable cardinals, Yong Cheng and Victoria Gitman, Arch. Math. Logic (2015) 54:961-984, SCI      
  • Fang, Yong
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Principles of Ethics, History of Western Ethics, Religious Ethics
  • Fei, Dingzhou
    Ph.D. Zhongshan University
    Research Area: Bayesian Model, multi-agent system, Society-Emotion Compute, Logic and Philosophy
    Selected Works:
    The Difference Between Mind and machine, Studies in Dialectics of Nature, No.6, 2004
    Computational Thinking: Philosophy, Logic, and Practice, computer science, No.4, 2009
    Diameter of spread of happiness in social network,1th international conference on public mangement,Wuhan,China,2011  
  • Hu, Junsheng
    Ph.D. Peking University
    Research Area: Personality and social psychology, psychology of aging  
  • Huang, Chao
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Christian Philosophy of Religion, Religious Sociology, Medieval Philosophy, Principle of Religious Studies, Contemporary Chinese religious issues
    Selected Works:
    Thomas’ Analogia Entis Thought &Its Linguistic Meaning
    On Thoughts of Rationalized Passion of Thomas Aquinas
    Seeking Orient Model of Religion Dialogue
  • Jiang, Zhaoping
    Ph.D.The China Academy of Sciences
    Research Area: Developmental Psychology, positive psychology, social development of adolescences
    Selected Works:
    Zhaoping Jiang, Zhangran Zhang. Using social cognitive career theory to predicting the academic interests and goals of Chinese middle vocational-technical school students. Public Personnel Management, 2012, 41(5).
    Reasoning About Spatial-nonspatial Relations in Adolescents with Non-verbal Learning Disabilities,Psychology Science, No.4, 2008
    Lifelong Aging Education from the Perspective of Socio-psychology, Journal of Nanjing Normal University (Social Sciences Edition), No.2, 2013
  • Li, Yong
    Ph.D. Saint Louis University
    Research Area: Moral philosophy, Chinese Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion
    Selected Works:
    "Adaptationism and Early Confucian Moral Psychology", Asian Philosophy, Vol. 25, No.1, March 2015, pp.99-111.
    Review of Politics and Persons, Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy, Vol.12 No.3, 2013, pp.407- 10.
    Review of Partiality and Impartiality, Journal of Moral Philosophy, Vol.10, No. 2, 2013, pp.247-50.
    Review of Confucian Relationalism, Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy Vol.12 No.1, 2013,pp. 121-4.
    "The Confucian Puzzle", Asian Philosophy, Vol. 22, No. 1, April 2012, pp. 37-50. "Evolution, Care and Partiality", Asian Philosophy, Vol. 21, No. 3, August 2011, pp. 241 -249.
    "The Divine Command Theory of Mozi", Asian Philosophy, Vol. 16, No. 3, November 2006, pp. 237–245.    
  • Li, Zhi
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Marx,Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Value
    Selected Works:
    On The Concept of Marx’s Individual
  • Liu, Leheng
    Ph.D. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
    Research Area: Modern Neo-Confucianism, Chinese Philosophy, History of Chinese Philosophy
    Selected Works:
    New Interpretations of Ma Yi-Fu’s “Theory of the Six Arts”, Shanghai Guji Press, 2015 Summary of Tang Junyi’s Concept of Gantong, Journal of Yibin University, No.3 2014
    An Original and Authentic Matrix of the Emergency of Meaning: New Interpretations of Ma Yi-Fu’s “Theory of the Six Arts”, Journal of Northwest University, No.3, 2012
  • Liu, Yi
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Personality and social psychology, Criminal Psychology, theoretical psychology
    Selected Works:
    On the Influences of Psychology on the Development of Analytic Philosophy, Wuhan University Journal (Humanity Sciences), May 2009
    Change of Free Will Concept and Discrimination of Its Connotation, Journal of Shandong University of Technology(Social Sciences), Jan.2012
    On the Issue of Free Will in Contemporary of Psychology, Journal of Nanjing Normal University, (Social Sciences), Nov, 2012
  • Pan, Lei
    Ph.D.Wuhan University
    Research Area: Anglo-American Philosophy
  • Qin, Ping
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Pre-Qin Confucianism, Lao-Zhuang, Chinese Classics
  • Shi, Ling
    M.A.Dalhousie University
    Research Area: Cultural Psychology
  • Sun, Jinsong
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Chinese Buddhism, Zhou-yi Philosophy
    Selected Works:
    The History of Chinese Philosophy
    A Short History of Chinese Philosophy
  • Wu, Xinwei
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Critical Theory, Political Philosophy, Cultural Philosophy
  • Xie, Tian
    Ph.D. Zhejiang University
    Research Area: Social Psychology, managerial psychology
    Selected Works:
    Zhou, J., & Xie, T. (2014). The triggering of unmet need for relatedness and competence among Chinese college undergraduates. Proceedings of The First Summit Forum of China’s Cultural Psychology, 310-316.
    Xie, T., Gong, W. D., Li, Yi., & Li, Yuan. (2014). Understanding materialism of Chinese college graduates. Proceedings of The First Summit Forum of China’s Cultural Psychology, 322-328.
    Zhou, J., Zhang, Z. R., & Xie T. (2014). Making collaborators happy: The outcome priming effect in integrative negotiation. Public Personnel Management. 43(3), 290-300.
    Wen, Y., Li, J. T., & Xie, T. (2013). A moderated mediation model of the relationship between stress and subjective well-being. Proceedings of the International Conference on Public Human Resource Management and Innovation, 213-218.
  • Yan, Yu
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Industrial and Organizational Psychology, managerial Psychology
    Selected Works:
    Organization and management psychology
    Occupational Health Psychology
    Psychological measurement and personnel selection
    management and development of Human Resource
  • Yang, Yunfei
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: German Classical Philosophy (especially Kant and Hegel), Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Mind, Comparative Philosophy
    Selected Works:
    On Kant’s Time Graphics and its Phenomenological Interpretation Journal of Yunnan University, No.4, 2004
    Kant’s Thought of Perpetual Peace and its Theoretical Significance, Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, No.3, 2006
    The Research on Formula of Humanity, Wuhan University Journal, Humanity Sciences, No.3, 2010
  • Ye, Ru
    Ph.D. Cornell University (2015)
    Research Area: Epistemology
    Selected Works:
    (2015)“Misleading Evidence and the Dogmatism Puzzle.” Australasian Journal of Philosophy
    (2015) “Fumerton's Puzzle for Theories of Rationality.” Australasian Journal of Philosophy 93 (1): 93-108
  • Zhang, Chunmei
    Ph.D. Beijing Normal University
    Research Area: Developmental Psychology, Criminal Psychology
    Selected Works:
    On the Study Orientation of Psychology——the opposition,its causes and the trend of two psychologisms, Journal of Gannan Normal College, No.4, Aug, 2003
    The Conception of Respect in Childhood and its Relation to their Friendships, Psychology Science, No.2, 2005
    The Relationship between Personality,Perceived Social Support and Self-esteem of High School Students,Journal of Beijing Normal University,No.4,2006
  • Zhang, Lihai
    Research Area: Analytical Philosophy, philosophy of social sciences
  • Zhao, Junhua
    Ph.D. Xinan University
    Research Area: Social Psychology and Culture, Developmental Psychology and Educational Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
    Selected Works:
    The Relation Between Thinking Styles and the English Lexical Semantic Representation Types, Psychology Science, 2010, 33(2): 346-348
    Middle School Students’ Thinking Styles: Its Construct and Scale Development, Psychology Science, 2007,30: 142-144.
    On Lexical Semantic Representation and Its Priming Effect Research, Psychology Science, 2006, 29:752-754.
  • Zhou, Xuanyi
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Philosophy of Religion, Comparative Philosophy
  • Zheng, Zemian
    Ph.D. Chinese University of Hong Kong
    Research Area: Song-Ming Neo-Confucianism, History of Chinese Philosophy
    Selected Works:
    Self-deception, Sincerity (cheng), and Zhu Xi’s Last Word, International Philosophical Quarterly, forthcoming in September 2015
    Dai Zhen’s Criticism and Misunderstanding of Zhu Xi’s Moral Theory, Dao: a Journal of Comparative Philosophy, forthcoming in October 2015
    The Source of Gao Zi’s Thought and the Starting Point of Mencian Ethics,Wuhan University Journal ,Vol.66,2013
  • Zhou, Zhuhong
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: History of Science, Philosophy of Science
    Selected Works:
    Hawking’s explorations of the Universe Reflection of Philosophy, Science Press, 2006.1.
  • You, Jin
    Ph.D. Chinese University of Hong Kong
    Research Area: Cultural Psychology, Psychology of Aging, Health Psychology
    Selected Works:
    Li, C., Sun, Y., Ho, M., You, J.*, Shaver, P. R., Wang, Z. (in press). State narcissism and aggression: The mediating roles of anger and hostile attributional bias. Aggressive Behaviors. (SSCI, impact factor: 2.275)
    Lu, Q., Yeung, N. C. Y., You, J., & Dai, J. (in press). Using expressive writing to explore thoughts and beliefs about cancer and treatment among Chinese American immigrant breast cancer survivors. Psycho-Oncology. (SSCI, SCI, impact factor: 2.443)
    Lu, Q., Man, J., You, J., & LeRoy, A. (2015). Ambivalence over emotion expression, intrusive thoughts, and depressive symptoms among Chinese breast cancer survivors. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 79, 153-158. (SSCI, SCI, impact factor: 2.89)
  • Alimu, Tuoheti
    Ph.D. Nanjing University and Tohoku University
    Research Area: Islamic Philosophy, Chinese and Japanese Confucianism
  • Chen, Xiaojie
    Ph.D. Kansai University
    Research Area: Song-Ming Confucianism, Modern Japanese Confucianism
    Selected Works:
    ‘Chang’——On Chu Hsi’s Mind,Kyushu Xuelin ,2011
  • Du, Shanshan
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Philosophy of Logic, Model Logic,Intuitionist Logic,Provable Logic, Fundamental Problem of Mathematics
    Selected Works:
    On Makinson’s Theorem and Its Equivalence Propositions
    On Pretabular Logics in (Part I)
    On Pretabular logics in (Part II)
  • Jin, Zhiqian
    Ph.D. Bergische Universität Wuppertal
    Research Area: Phenomenology, Logic,Metaphysics, History of 19th Century Philosophy(Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche)
  • Li, Jie
    Ph.D. The China Academy of Sciences
    Research Area: Educational Psychology,Learning and Memory, and the Biological psychology mechanism of Emotion
  • Lian, Fan
    Ph.D. Kyushu University
    Research Area: History of Chinese Thought, Song-Ming Philosophy
  • Qu, Xiaoyan
    Ph.D. Tokyo University
    Research Area:Psychological counseling and Psychotherapy
    Selected Works:
    Qu, X. & Li, L. (2013). Attachment, acculturation and GHQ-30 of Chinese students in Japan. Psychological Studies, 58, 216-224.
    中国人大学生のアタッチメントと精神的健康の関係:対人関係と学業でのコーピングの媒介作用に注目して. 東京大学大学院教育学研究科紀要, 第51巻, 255-267.
    国際結婚に関する研究動向と展望. 東京大学大学院教育学研究科紀要, 第49巻, 265-275
  • Shen, Ting
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Chinese Buddhism, Taoism, Taoists
    Selected Works:
    A History of Chinese Religion
  • Wang, Jun
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Philosophy of Art, Contemporary German Philosophy(Heidegger)
  • Wang, Zhiyun
    Ph.D. University of Fribourg
    Research Area: Health Psychology, Family Psychology
    Selected Works:
    Wang, Z., Schoebi, D., Shi, L., & Perrez, M. (2014). Cultural Difference in Family Work Division between Chinese and Swiss Families: On the Role of Support. Proceedings of The First Summit Forum of China’s Cultural Psychology, 117-123.
    Wang, Z., Küffer, A., Wang, J. & Maercker, A. (2014). Nutzung eines webbasierten Selbsthilfeprogramms für Traumaopfer: Auswertung von Dropout-Raten und deren Prädiktoren (Adherence to a web-based self-help program for trauma survivors: Analyses of drop-out rates and predictors). Verhaltenstherapie, 24, 6-14. doi:10.1159/000358472
    Wang, Z., Wang, J., Maercker, A. (2013). Chinese My Trauma Recovery, A Web-Based Intervention for Traumatized Persons in Two Parallel Samples: Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 15(9), e213.
  • Xiao, Hang
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Confucian Philosophy,Daoist Philosophy, Han-Dynasty Philosophy
  • Xu, Huanu
    Ph.D. Chinese University of Hong Kong
    Research Area: moral psychology and moral development
    Selected Works:
    Wong, W. C., Xu, H., Li, Y., & He, W. J. (2014). What can we know about the creative potentials of teachers and students? What can we hope for in terms of the cultivation of creativity? The International Journal of Creativity & Problem Solving, 24(2), 23-42.
    Wong, W. C., Li, Y., Sun, X., & Xu, H. (2014). The control processes and subjective well-being of Chinese teachers: Evidence of convergence with and divergence from the key propositions of the motivational theory of lifespan development. Frontiers in Psychology (section Personality and Social Psychology). doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2014.00467.
    Xu, H. (2014). A qualitative analysis of forgiveness and retribution in one-trial sequential Prisoner’s
  • Yu, Wanhui
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: Overseas Sinology Studies, Comparative Poetics, Modern Academic History
    Selected Works:
    The Image of Thackeray in Wu mi’s works,Culture and Poetics,Vol.1,2012
    On the Tyranny of literary classics ,Social Science Forum,No.2,2009
  • Zhou, Ke
    Ph.D. Wuhan University
    Research Area: The Basic Theory of Marxist Philosophy, Sinicization of Marxist Philosophy