Progress of Chinese Philosophy through Comparison: The 2nd Annual Comparative Philosophy Conference was held at the School of Philosophy at Wuhan University

The 2nd Annual Philosophy Conference took place on 19th-20th  November 2016 at the School of Philosophy at Wuhan University. This year the theme was “Progress of Chinese Philosophy through Comparison.” This conference was one of a series of events in celebration of the 60th anniversary of re-establishment of Philosophy faculty at Wuhan University. In this conference, the School hosted more th...

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    December 7th Lecture  Title: Philosophy and Religion in the Era of Big Data: Large-Scale Text Analysis and Database ApproachesSpeaker: Edward SlingerlandUniversity of British ColumbiaTime: 2: 30PM-4PM, December, 7th, 2016Location: School of Philosophy, Room 114 South Wing Abstract:This talk will discuss two on-going projects that apply “big data” approaches to the study of philosophy and religion. One project co...
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    November 21st Lecture  Title: Individualism and Anti-Individualism in China and the WestSpeaker: Bryan Van Norden Professor in Vassar College Time: 11-21, Monday 19: 00Location: South Wing, Room 114
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    November 18th Lecture  ​Title: Knowing What It Is Like, Choice, and ConsentSpeaker: Yuri CathPh.D. Australian National UniversityLecturer in philosophy, La Trobe UniveristyTime: 11-18, Friday, 2-4pmLocation: Teaching Building 3, room 501 
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    November 17th Lecture Title: Intellectualism and TestimonySpeaker: Yuri CathPh.D. Australian National UniversityLecturer in philosophy, La Trobe UniveristyTime: 11-17, Thursday, 3-5pmLocation: South Wing, Room 11
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    Series Lectures by Dermot Moran  Dermot Moran is currently Chair Professor of Philosophy (Metaphysics and Logic) at University College Dublin. He has been an elected member of the Royal Irish Academy. He is the President of the International Federation of Philosophical Societies for a five-year period from 2013 and 2018, charged with the organization of the XXIV World Congress of Philosophy to be held in Peking University, Be...
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    June 2nd Lecture ​Title: Socialism as a civilizational project Rethinking Marxism in the Third Wave of SocialismSpeaker: Michael BrieMichael Brie is a philosopher and political scientist. He is a senior fellow of The Institute for Critical Social Analysis of The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Berlin.Time: 9:30 AM—11:30 AM, Jun 2th, 2016 Place: Lecture Room 2