Darrell Rowbotoom's Talk on Scientific Progress and The Value of Science

Professor Darrell Rowbotoom gave us a fascinating talk on March, 31th, 2017, at the Big Lecture Hall in School of Philosophy. He is Head of the Department (& Professor) of Philosophy at Lingnan University in Hong Kong. The title of the talk was “Scientific Progress and The Value of Science”. Professor Bradly Monton was the commentator.    Scientific realism, roughly speaking, is the view that...

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    May 23 Derek Baker Talk Dynamic Expressivism, van Roojen’s Problem, and the Unity of NegationSpeaker:     Derek Baker (Lingnan University)Time: May 23rd, 2017, Tuesday, 7P.M.Commentator: Matt Lutz ​Location: The Big Lecture Hall Philosophy departmen
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    May 23, 24 and 25 Mark Kelly Talks Mark Kelly, associate Professor of Philosophy in Western Sydney University, Australia. His publications include four books (Biopolitical Imperialism, Zero Books, 2015; Foucault and Politics: A Critical Introduction, Edinburgh University Press, 2014; Foucault’s History of Sexuality Volume I, Edinburgh University Press, 2013; The Political Philosophy of Michel Foucault, Routledge, 2009) and othe...
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    March 31 Talk Title: Scientific Progress and The Value of Science Speaker: Darrell RowbottomPh.D. Durham UniversityProfessor and Chairperson,Department of Philosophy at Lingnan University Time: March, 31, 2017, Friday, 7: 00PMLocation: The Big Lecture Hall Philosophy departmentCommentator:  Bradly MontonPh.D. Princeton UniversityProfessor in philosophy, Wuhan University