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  • August 21, 2017
    ​On August 3, 2017, "Guangming Daily" published the latest research findings of the Institute of Quality Development Strategy. The article totaling more than 4000 words entitled "Quality Innovation Motivates Economic Transformation and Upgrading – An Analysis Based on CEES Dataset including 1208 Enterprises and 11136 Employees" was jointly produced by Prof. Cheng Hong, Jia Guodong and Luo Lia...
  • August 19, 2017
    On July 20, 2017, “Points of View” column of CBN Daily published the points of view “Be Confident and Patient – An Analysis of China’s Economic Situation in the Third Quarter of 2017”of Prof. Cheng Hong of the Institute of Quality Development Strategy. The full text is reprinted as follows. To better the understanding of macro-economic situation and analyze the economic situation in the t...
    Be Confident and Patient about China’s Economy from CBN (China Business News) Daily
  • July 4, 2017
    As he marches through a gritty factory that makes baby strollers and wheels, Hu Chengpeng says finding workers is his number one challenge these days. Turnover at the facility in Hanchuan in Hubei province in central China is running at 20 percent, even while wages have been growing by double digits for his 400-plus workers every year. “Labor costs are getting just too high,” he said. All of ...
    China Robots Displace Workers as Wage Spiral Pressures Profits
  • June 29, 2017
    The China Employer-Employee Survey (CEES) report was released at Wuhan University on June 20. "How are Chinese Manufacturing Firms Coping with Rising Labor Costs – A Report of China Employer-Employee Survey (CEES) (2015-2016)" was presented to the world for the first time.At the conference, Prof. Hong Cheng, Dean of the Institute of Quality Development Strategy and Chairman of CEES Management ...
    China Employer-Employee Survey (CEES) Report Released
  • June 28, 2017
    "China Employer-Employee Survey (CEES)” report was released on June 20 in Wuhan University. The report shows that labor cost and market demand are the major factors affecting the development of enterprises in recent years. A large number of enterprises are facing challenges of rapidly rising labor cost and trying to cope with the difficulties.CEES was jointly launched by the Institute of Quali...
    CEES Report: Chinese Enterprises Are Facing Challenges of Rising Labor Cost
  • June 26, 2017
    Reflecting a fundamental change in China’s labour market, insufficient labour supply has become a primary concern for factory owners, according to a survey of 1,200 Chinese manufacturers.Rising labour costs are producing a high turnover rate among factory workers. During the two years of the survey conducted by China’s Wuhan University at factories in Guangdong and Hubei provinces, as much as...
    China's Factory Owners Pick Robots over Job-hopping Workers
  • May 22, 2017
    Cheng Hong
    This article “Innovation not yet out of the shadow of investment”is published in Gobal Times on May 7, 2017. China's economy grew by 6.9 percent in the first quarter of 2017, the fastest pace since the third quarter of 2015, but we should not be too optimistic about the current economic situation. The Chinese economy still faces headwinds and we should avoid misjudging the second quarter.Firs...
    Innovation not yet out of the shadow of investment
  • March 29, 2017
    This article is excerpted from Professor Cheng Hong’s article in his column on On March 29, 2017, “Chinese Labor lacks of Innovative Personality Traits”,in China Business News.Personality affects a person’s life immensely. People with the same external conditions and initial endowment but different personalities make a big difference in their life and career. However, observing from a large...
    China Business News: Chinese Labor lacks of Innovative Personality Traits
  • January 8, 2017
    On January 5, 2017, the article “2017: Ten Challenges Faced by Innovation in China”, written by Professor Cheng Hong, was published in the commentary headline of China Business News and promptly received the full-copy reproduction by multiple Chinese media such as Sina Finance, Phoenix Finance and Netease Finance, Sohu Finance. The full text is reproduced as follows:The year of 2017 attaches ...
    An Article of IQDS Reproduced by Multiple Well-known Chinese Media
  • December 23, 2016
    This article is excerpted from Professor Cheng Hong’s column on December 22, “Secret of Innovation in Stanford University”, published in China Business News.Nowadays, “innovation” is widely discussed in China, no doubt an exciting and prospective top word. For many people, innovation is good but more or less unattainable. Serving as visiting professor in Stanford University, I found that ...
    Secret of Innovation in Stanford University
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