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Personal Information
Name Cheng Hong
E-mail 919637855@qq.com
Titles Dean of IQDS and Professor of Economics
Tel 86-027-68752131
Address Institute of quality development strategy ,old foreign building, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072, China
Research Field

Cheng Hong, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor and Ph. D. in Economics and Visiting Scholar of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Stanford University, now serves as Dean of Institute of Quality Development Strategy, Director of Macro-quality Management Collaborative Innovation Center in Hubei Province, Director of China Enterprise Survey and Data Center, Chief Editor of Journal of Macro-quality Research, Editor of Journal of Macro Quality Research and Guest Editor of International Journal of Conflict Management (IJCM, SSCI journal).

Professor Cheng Hong is member of the Expert Panel of Quality Development Plan (2011-2020) by the State Council, chief expert of National Social Science Fund Tender Projects, chief expert of Major Research Projects by the Ministry of Education and leader of more than 10 State-level Major Research Projects. He is mainly engaged in scientific research on supply-side structural reform, micro-level product service quality and double-upgrading mechanism and approach of micro-economic growth and quality in the context of economic transition, and entrepreneurship and firm quality innovation strategy etc. Some research results have received important instructions by state-level and industry-level leaders. He is also the leader of Review and Consulting Expert Panel of National Quality Demonstration Cities and member of the Review Panel of Changjiang Scholar Professor by the Ministry of Education. 

Cheng Hong has been working on theoretical and empirical research on China conflicts, including labor conflicts between urban residents and rural residents under the household registration (Hukou) system, labor conflicts between state-owned and private enterprises, and conflicts between rising labor costs and business performance. And over 100 research papers have been published on those topics in China leading academic journals. Professor Cheng Hong has successfully initiated China Employer-Employee Survey (CEES), together with Professor Li Hongbin of Stanford University, Scholar Albert Park of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Scholar Du Yang of China Academy of Social Science. 

He also set up a new subject macro-quality management and published the first academic monograph Macro-quality Management in this area, which established the theoretical framework of macro management of the government in quality. His books including Quality Innovation and China Economic Development, What should be done with the Chinese Quality, What is Wrong with the Chinese Quality are well received.

Professor Cheng Hong set up quality engineering major for master degree and Macro-quality Management Training Program which targets at government officers and entrepreneurs. He also serves as expert lecturer of Theory Learning Panel of the Party Committee and the Government in more than 10 provinces and municipalities, and his audiences exceed 100,000 people.

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