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Enterprise Quality Innovation in the Micro-Era:An Example by QIHU

April 7, 2016

Li Tang, Yu Hongwei and Wang Xiaolu and Han Xiao

(Institute of Quality Development Strategy, Wuhan University; Coordination Innovation Center for Macro-Quality Management in Hubei Province)

Abstract: Altough information technology innovation and its direct effect on culture communication mechanism and language expression in Internet are the most explicit symbols in the Micro-Era and studied by a large number of papers, their implicit effects on comsumer demand and market environment are not fully investigated by the existing papers.How these changes in consumer demand and market environment will influence the enterprise quality innovation? For answering the prior problem,it is necessary to choose a typical cooperation as an example for empirical research,extract the successful experiences from the representative one,and finally summarize the theoretical path to enterprise quality innovation in the Micro Era. To attain these objectives above, this paper selects QIHU which is one of the most largest network security service providers in the world as an example, observing its quality innocation behaviors and concluding its contribution to the theoretical reserch on enterprise quality innovation transition in the Micro era.

Key Words: Micro Era; Quality Innovation; QIHU; Micro Innovation

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