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Product Quality and Quality of Economic Growth: A Case Study of "Shun Feng"

April 7, 2016

Li Han

(Institute of Quality Development Strategy, Wuhan University;Coordination Innovation Center for Macro-Quality Management in Hubei Province)

Abstract: The express delivery industry is becoming more and more important in Chinese economy. The firms in this industry and the representative firm, Shun Feng choose the management mode according to their own resource endowment, focus on the core quality competitiveness, create new product types, raise the service standard and improve quality management, which enhances the overall product (service) quality in this industry. Furthmore, the enhancement of product quality fosters the transition of driving forces of macro economy and industry structure. Also, it raises the social welfare. In a word, the improvement of product quality in express industry benefits the quality of economic growth in China. So, the government and supervisions should promote the competition environment, invest in human resources and strengthen the regulation to help the product quality in this industry, since it is better for China’s quality of economic growth.

Key Words: Product Quality; Quality of Economic Growth; Express Delievery Industry; Case Study