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Review of Research Progress in Chinese Ancient Quality Management

April 7, 2016

Song Shilei

(Institute of Quality Development Strategy, Wuhan University; Coordination Innovation Center for Macro-Quality Management in Hubei Province)

Abstract: The origin of China’s quality culture can go back to Shang and Zhou Dynasties.For a long time, research on ancient China’s quality culture is scattered and lack of a comprehensive review.This article attempts to comb and summarize traditional quality culture documents, especially those related research achievements.The analysis is based on both micro and macro research perspectives and focuses on the previous research from three aspects, including product quality condition, quality management and its related institutions, quality culture.Although ancient China’s product quality tended to rise in general, rampant ill-intended imitation still existed.This phenomenon is closely related with the development degree of commodity economy.After thousands years of development, we have formed a quality management system which is composed of governments, production organizations and guilds.Besides, we also design a series of quality control measures and a full set of direct or related quality guarantee systems.This article also reviews the relative explicit historical periods, concrete documents, quality ideology and its modernization.

Key Words: Quality Management; Quality of Product; Quality Culture; Review.