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An Analysis on the Migrant Workers’ Employment Quality in China: 2009-2013

April 7, 2016

Qin Jianguo

(School of Public Administration, Nanjing University of Finance and Economics)

Abstract: Through a detailed analysis of the migrant workers’ employment quality evaluation in 2009-2013 of China, we empirically found that the migrant workers' employment quality in China over the past five years, has been improved, but the overall quality is low, and growth slow down year by year. The migrant workers' employment in social insurance, employment environment, and labor relations had promoted a lot, but in substantive rights of laborer, especially the revenue growth, progress is not big; in education and training of migrant workers, progress is slow. To continuously and efficiently improve the migrant workers’ employment quality, which needs all levels of governments, employers, migrant workers work together, each do their own thing, actively change employment idea, vigorously develop the migrant workers union, perfect the relevant labor laws and regulations system, strengthen corporate social responsibility, and vigorously develop the education training, etc.

Key Words: Migrant Workers; Employment Quality; The Evaluation System