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The Research Progress in China’s Macroeconomic Growth Quality

April 7, 2016

Abstract: strategic restructuring of economic structure is the main direction of China’s economic transformation, deciding China’s macroeconomic growth quality. In this paper, author tries to comprehensively review the research literatures of China’s macroeconomic growth quality. On one hand, the literature review clears up the driving force of China’s macroeconomic growth quality, direction of strategic restructuring of economic structure and influence of spatial economic structure adjustment on macroeconomic growth quality; on the other hand, centering on core issues of key points, difficulties and promotion path to promote China’s macroeconomic growth quality, the literature review summarizes a series of policy implications; discusses how to transform government-oriented growth pattern, what new growth mechanisms are needed transforming to “growth in structural coordination” from “growth in structural imbalance” and what the new path is to promote strategic restructuring of economic structure; proposes that the economic organic growth is transformed to efficiency orientation from factor input orientation, depending on factor marketization, resource allocation globalization and spatial efficiency promotion, and choosing a road of efficient industrialization and efficient urbanization.

Key Words: macroeconomic quality; economic transition; government-oriented growth pattern; efficiency-oriented