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The History, Current Situation and Reformation of the Chinese Environmental Monitor Mechanism

April 7, 2016

Abstract: The environmental monitoring is a basic means to know, master, asset and predict the situation of environment quality, and the environmental monitoring mechanism includes the monitoring organization system, monitoring mode, monitoring technical specification, monitoring information application and monitoring management system, which provides the basic guarantee for standardizing and organizing the effective and sustainable development. While China is making great achievements in the environmental monitoring, many problems emerge in the monitoring mechanism. For example, the mode of the environmental monitoring information collected by the government and environmental monitoring organized by the planned economy will bring about various problems such as too high environmental monitoring cost, low data accuracy, low effectiveness, poor innovation ability and scalization degree, and the difficult development of non-government environmental monitoring stations (points). It’s proposed that the reform of environmental monitoring organization in China should adopt the government-leading, government-market co-operating mode with environmental monitoring information mutually produced by the government and society, namely, the coexistence of environmental monitoring organizations directly led by government environment protection administrative departments and non-government environmental monitoring organizations qualified for the environmental monitoring. Various effective environmental monitoring and operation management modes should be adopted to promote the socialization and marketization of the environmental monitoring, and strengthen the society-oriented and market-oriented legal construction of environmental monitoring.

Key words: Environmental Monitoring; Environmental Monitoring Mechanism; Environmental Quality