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Does Urban-Rural Duality of Quality Exist in China

April 7, 2016

Abstract: Urban-Rural duality is a basic problem that China faces,the duality structure not only embodies in economy,but also in every aspect of social life. There’s much research on the dimensions of urban-rural duality, but it's relatively weak in the theoretical research and even weak in the quantitative analysis which can verify the  duality. Based  on  the  proposition  of  urban-rural  quality  duality, this  paper  tries  to  test the significance of urban-rural quality duality, using econometric quantitative analysis method, at the same time from the aspect of urban-rural differences in quality service to find out the courses of urban-rural quality duality. The empirical results confirm that the differences in quality satisfaction are significant between urban and rural areas,but there is no significant difference in terms of quality and safety. The policy suggestion is, changing the imbalance of quality of public management resource between urban and rural areas, paying attention to the rural quality investment,strengthening publicity and education of quality public services for rural residents,paying more attention to solving the quality problem of rural durable consumer goods, in order to improve the product satisfaction of rural households.


Key words: Quality Duality; Urban-Rural Comparison; Empirical Analysis


 (Luo Lianfa  institute of Quality Development Strategy,Wuhan University)