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An Evaluation of the Government’s Quality and Safety Responsibility

April 7, 2016

Abstract: Regulation bureau, firm,consumer and consumer organization are all the indispensable parts of a complete quality and safety responsibility system. However, the supervision responsibility of government gets more and more attention from mass media and the people. The data from the macro-quality observation of the IQDS reveals that Chinese consumers possess a negative attitude to the quality and safety responsibility of Chinese government,which deviated from the genuine source of product quality risk. Moreover, the within difference of consumer groups, factors like sexuality, education and family expenditure,will deteriorate their evaluation of  government  responsibility. In conclusion, targeted policy is needed to alter the erroneous judgments of  those  consumers,especially for female consumers, undergraduate  students  and  consumers worked in government and public institutions.

Key words: Quality and safety responsibility; government regulation; empirical evaluation; cross-sectional data


(LI Han  institute of Quality Development Strategy, Wuhan University)