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Sharing and Good Governance: Influence of Quality Public Service on Effect of Quality Regulation

April 7, 2016

——Based on the Empirical Analysis of Chinese Macro-Quality Observation Data

Luo Ying

    Abstract: The improvement of quality not only requires effective quality regulation, but also good quality public service. During the management of quality, it is essential to promote the public service and traditional regulation to express advantages respectively and operate cooperatively, which will constantly facilitate the administration of quality by government to form “good governance”. The data from macro-quality observation conducted by Wuhan University Institute of Quality Development Strategy in 2012 indicates that there is a significantly positive correlation between the government’s function of public service and regulation in the field of macro-quality management. The increase of the level of public service is able to promote the realization of quality sharing, better the perception of quality regulation effects, and then promote a form of “good governance” structure. In order to realize the goal of quality “good governance” by quality “sharing” and improve the overall level of macro-quality management, the nation's public service system should include quality public service clearly, and the effect of quality regulation should be improved by the perfection of quality public service function’s performance. We should focus on improving the supply level of quality legal service and remedy service. The government should play a leading role in the formation of a “cooperative” supply institution of quality public service, and we also need to bring all positive factors from multiple subjects.
    Key words: Quality; Sharing; Public Service; Regulation Regime