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The General Situation of China’s Quality in 2012——Evaluation Based on “Quality Observation Data”

April 7, 2016

Cheng Hong(Institute of Quality Development Strategy, Wuhan University)

    Abstract: The evaluation on macro quality requires construction of scientific theory and support of empirical data. This paper has established an evaluation model of macro quality from the viewpoint of consumer perception to analyze the current quality situation in China. The model includes total characteristics,structural characteristics, institutional design and quality agents. Based on this model and the quality observation data, this paper  has  summarized the current situation  of  quality  development as follow:  quality  develops  with stability,the quality safety situation  is generally  stable, there’s no overall quality safety  risk, structural problems exist in quality development,the effectiveness of public service on quality information provided by government is not high,“soft power” of quality development is weak, and ability of consumers quality action is low. The policy suggestions based on the findings are:  intensify the social quality of public investment,value the quality education to citizens, concerning the structural problems in quality development, especially the lack of “soft power”,more attention should be paid to the institutional innovation according to the requirement of modern market economy, introduces the “whistle act” and encourages other social participation in quality supervision mechanism to promote the quality co-governance process.
    Key words:  Situation of Quality Development; Consumer Perception; Quality Observation Model;
Empirical Analysis