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2012 China Quality Status——Consumers’ Perception and Model Building

April 7, 2016

    By Cheng Hong

    Abstract: Scientific theory construction and empirical data support are required in macro-quality evaluation. From the perspective of consumers' perception, the analysis model of China quality status is built, which contains the evaluation in four aspects of general characteristics, structural characteristics, institutional design and quality subject. Based on the model framework and macro-quality observation data, the current situation of China quality is concluded as follows: the overall situation of quality safety improves in a stable manner without overall quality hazards; structural problems stand out in quality development; public services provided by the government are not so effective; the “soft power” in quality development and consumers’ quality action ability are weak. Based on above research conclusions, policy suggestions are listed as follows: increase public investment in social quality, emphasize quality education on citizens, resolve structure problems in quality development, especially the issue of insufficient “soft power”, focus on the innovation of quality governance system required by modern market economy, introduce mechanisms where the society participate in quality supervision such as “Whistleblower Protection Act”, and promote the process of common quality governance.

    Key words: quality situation; consumers’ cognition; observation model; empirical analysis