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2014Report on the Development of China’s Quality Observation

April 7, 2016

China SocialSciences Press, July,2015

Economics, Social Inaovation

In 2014, teachers and students in IQDS with nearly 300 undergraduate researchers shoulder the mission of construction of China quality. They investigatedconsumers to know theirdirect feelingof the quality.Researchers’ footprints covered31 provinces,more than 100 areas.

The book is divided into five chapters.The first chapter Summary comprehensively expounds the quality investigation and analysis of the overall conclusions:Quality is the new powerunder the new normal. The second chapterintroduces the improvement of quality observation statistics and survey in 2014. The third chapter analyzes the annual quality index and thestatistical resultsof key indicators.The fourth chapter introduces thestatistical analysis of four dimensionsinclude quality safety, quality satisfaction, quality of public service and citizen quality competence.The fifth chapter analyzes the development trend of China's quality and put forward the policy Suggestions.