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The macro quality statistics and analysis

April 7, 2016

By CHENG Hong, LI Dandan , FAN Hanbing
Peking University Press, December 2011.


This book main researches the macro quality analysis theory and method,based on the statistics macroscopic quality. The first part is the  literature analysis and empirical research, systematized summarizing the main domestic and international quality statistical indicators and analysis methods, pointing out the needs to macro quality statistics and analysis of the government, on the basis of a large number of investigation and questionnaire analysis. The second part is the basic theory research. It compares the  macro quality statistics and the scientific and objective of analysis, identifies that the observation of consumption quality perception is the main source of statistics and analysis, from the two different point of view of producers and consumers ,by means of macroscopic quality status and quality analysis of the general theory. This part is designed to constitute the statistics and analysis system by two dimensions of quality safety and quality development. The third part is study methods, introducing the technical theories, calculation methods of the macro quality statistics and analysis, etc. The forth part is index research, putting forward the statistics and analysis of the quality damage rate is the most important tool to reflect the quality and safety. The fifth part is application examples and policy recommendations, studying the structure of the quality analysis report, testing the theory through demonstration template .