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China Quality Daily:40 county magistrates learns quality by taking off-job training

April 7, 2016

From Mar. 28 to 30, 2016, the macro-quality management, Enshi training class jointly organized and sponsored by the committee and government of Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Hubei Province and Wuhan University Institute of Quality Development Strategy opened in Wuhan University. A total number of 40 people including the prefecture magistrate (mayor) of county (city) of Enshi who is responsible for quality, and head of the group of “quality rejuvenating the prefecture” took part in the course. Wang Haitao, the secretary of Enshi Prefecture, standing committee of Prefecture People’s Congress also took part in the first class.

After listening to the report, Wang Haitao said that Professor Chenghong taught theoretical foundation and macroscopic analysis in class, and closely integrating practice as well, which had strong targeted and instructive meaning to Enshi, and also benefited us a lot.

Enshi Prefecture is the only minority autonomous prefecture in Hubei Province, and the only place who enjoys China's Western Development Program. There are 8 counties (cities) including Enshi City, Lichuan City, Badong County, Jianshi County, Xuan’en County, Xianfeng County, Hefeng County, Laifeng County, with an area of 24,000 square kilometers and a population of 3,800,000, 52.6% of which are mainly minorities population of Tujia and Miao nationality.