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How can a pig fly?

April 7, 2016

Lei Jun, the founder of Mi, very famously says, as long as standing on the wind gap, a pigs can fly. It means that it is industry choice which makes  a enterprise successfully. Many people, especial young people, feel crazy about this recipe for success and plan to start up enterprises.

However, pigs are totally different from bird. Pigs have no wing flying. Without wind a pig cannot fly by itself, but bird can. What’s more, if  wind stops suddenly, a flying pig will fall down quickly.

Did you image something like flying pigs? Yes, it is the current situation of many enterprises in China. Since Chinese GDP growth fell to 7%, many entrepreneurs have complained about macro economy environment. They tend to blame bad performance of enterprises to macro economy environment. In a word, it is the fault of not choosing a right wind gap. They think that is the reason why their enterprises’ profit not grow rapidly.

Actually, besides improving confidence, the theory of "flying pig" have done more contribute to bring the impetuous mentality to enterprises. This theory tells everyone can dream of success but not encourage anyone make effort to chase success. Chinese enterprises crazily chase hotspots instead of making their product well. If “internet +" become a popular topic, then almost every enterprises change themselves to internet company.

I am not saying that choosing a good industry is not necessary. Worse thing of “flying pigs” is all the power of flying comes from wind.  In fact, this brief "fly" is illusory. Company Mi is a typical case. Having tried every popular product, such as smartphone and air purifier, Mi still got little profit. In  2015, the profit of Mi was only 1.3%. In the contrary, Apple kept leading position in China smart phone market and got 91% profit of smart phone market.

Why Apple’s performance is so different from Mi? They both make smart phone but got different profit? Actually, it reflects difference of enterprise development strategy. If a enterprise’s strategy is be a flying pig, they will be busy on chasing wind and make bubbles at the end. However, if a  enterprise’s strategy is be a flying bird, they will focus on making good product and receives good profits as return.

For entrepreneurs, becoming a flying bird is a better choice. Who knows which company will be a next Apple?