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Exquisite Spirit against almost spirit

April 7, 2016

Several days ago, I went to Japan to participate an academic communication. Frankly speaking, as a scholar of quality research, I have been expected for this journey for a long time, especially in my mind, the concept “made in Japan”is a symbol fordelicate made products and good quality. Previously, I have known that Japan is a country with very clean environment, delicate products and spirit of the craftsman, and this journey, I observed carefully for the new things I haven’t seen before.


Just stepping out of Narita airport station, the airport's cleaning staff surprised me for his professional spirit.When I have pushed the luggagecart in the hall of Narita airport, due to the brake, the cart left the brake mark on the ground. The airport's cleaning staff found the brake mark,andbent down beside me, then cleaned the mark with shovel and rag carefully as if he was he was cleaning his own house instead of public space, mademe shameful for his professional dedication.


During the visit in Japan, I felt that Japanese spirit of pursuing delicacy was not shown through magnificent buildings or streets, butthrough the details which that can make the life better with the attitude of meticulous and such attitude is always ignored by most of Chinese. For example, when we take vertical lifts, if someone outside the elevator wants to enter, the only way for him to attach insiders’ attentionis shouting to make sure others hear, and people inside the elevator could only hold the elevator door open button to wait for outsiders entering in. This is universal and natural way for us to solve this problem. But in Japan, there is a convex mirror attached on the side of the lift door, which I didn’t know the function, but when I saw it at different angles, I found that it wasused to solve the communication obstacle between people who are inside and outside the lift box.


Actually, the convex mirror is not an innovation item, we can see this ordinary item anywhere, especially in the chicanes.It wasthe first time Ihave seensuch tiny innovation detail in the lift box, and I’m sure that there are many useful things like this convex mirror in Japan to avoid small problems in their daily life, which reflects the Japanese meticulous observation of life, and can gradually improve their daily life.


Another example is the ladder in the metro of Tokyo’s station. I found that on every 10 steps, there was a notice card on the side of ladder to show the calories you have consumedwhen you climb onto this step. It’s really a good idea to encourage people who always sit in the office to do some sports making use of any chance and reflect the sport effect timely. Though there are many Apps for us to check our health condition, such detail can remind us all the time to keep a healthy life.


Japanese spirit to pursuit the exquisite life is not expressed by any unrealistic innovation, but by tiny ideas that can improve their life quality through details, which can be good examples for Chineseto learn and emulate.