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Dose High Praise Reviews Online Equal to Good Quality?

April 7, 2016

Once bought some persimmons on Taobaonet in a shop with high credit rating. The price before was 50yuan/kg, but it sold with the price of 15yuan/kg. For me, it was a price temptation. As a veteran on net shopping, I used to see reviews from previous consumers. Big, sweet, delicious, perfect... More than 1,000 reviews were all about those words about high praise. The fruit and shop gave me a good quality information, so, I thought the persimmons wereworth buying, then placed an order trustingly.

Three days later, with excited mood, I got the package. I couldn’t wait to open it, saw five big persimmons in protective covers. Then I chose the biggest one, bit it, and felt the worst moment in my life. The persimmonwas so bitter that I vomited the shred residue out quickly. Even so, my taste buds were out of order for a few minutes.What’s wrong with it? I even doubted my gustation because of the high praise reviews.Then I got up my courage to eat another one. The result, could image, the same, boring. So, I leaved my review with the word‘bitter’.

Few hours later, something interesting happened. At first, I got a call from the shop, begged if I could delete my review and give the persimmon a high praise. I was disgusted with it and hung up my phone. Then, thecustomer service agent sent me messages continuously,even made me crashed. I just questioned about the poor quality and how could it make me leave a high praise review.  My view was adamant, the customer service agent said that she could give me 8 yuan back as remuneration. It was a gross insult for me. Finally I deleted my review because it had severely impacted the quality of my life. I had no time to deal with it.
This bad online shopping experience made me feel disappointed about the fruit quality on net. Besides, I finally knew why the product qualityonline was so bad in China. The high praise consumer reviews were not equal to good quality. The reasons above this actuality were the low price of original sin, the quality information asymmetry and the consumer rights protection costis high. For me, if the price of persimmon was not so attractive, the 1,000 more consumers’ reviews were true and I could leave my real review easily or engaged in a lawsuit with low cost, I thought I could avoid this boring online shopping experience.

The online shopping have changed Chinese consumers’ life and consumption habit, and promoted the development of the business. But the product qualityonline areserious restrictedby quality information asymmetry problem. If the high praise reviews online are not equal to good quality, instead become a kind of confuse consumers fraud, how can consumers’ rights be safeguarded? Besides, how can Chinese consumers improve their quality consciousness? Those are the serious problems we must solve in recent years.