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Li Hongzhong Made Important Instructions on Our Research Results of Regional Economic Growth

April 7, 2016

On September 14, 2014, the beginning of the new term, Li Hongzhong, secretary of the Hubei provincial Party committee, gave an instruction that “Cheng Hong’s proposal is worth studying” to “Some Suggestions on Development of ‘Pilot of Regional Economic Growth Quality’ in Enshi Autonomous Prefecture”. This was the second time that Li Hongzhong gave significant instructions in our research findings.

In the report, we analyzed the main reasons of high quality of economic growth in Enshi autonomous prefecture and the major measures to promote local regional economic growth. In addition, we put forward five important proposals on the basis of analysis and research.

It is known that the Enshi research group of IQDS has got some research productions by comprehensive investigation and comparative analysis study on the development condition in mountainous areas at home and abroad. The fundamental way out of poverty-alleviation is to rely on ecologic resources. For marketization of ecologic resources in Enshi, the specific methods is to achieve productization and industrialization, speed up the building of carbon trading market, dispose the poverty alleviation funds on credit, foster and import abundant qualified market subject. For shake-off-poverty and development, Enshi needs to achieve Co-government from three areas ——market, government and society .Enshi autonomous prefectural committee and government leaders spoke highly of the research productions. Next, IQDS will provide main solutions and pilot of economic growth quality will be fully developed in Enshi City.