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GAO Juan

Tel:  +86-27-68756635


Address: Institute of quality development strategy , the foreign building in cherry garden, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072, China

Gao Juan, who was born in May 1981 in Lvliang city of shanxi, works in institute of quality development strategy of Wuhan University as an instructor.As a visiting researcher in e-government research center of National School of Administration. In July 2003, He had graduated from School of physics of hubei University and in july 2011 got a doctor of magement degree school of publc manegement of wuhan University. In July 2014, he obtained a post-doctoral certificate school of information magement.

Main projects participated in 

1. Experience of qulity development in the main countries of the world and policy of building quality power in China

2. Research on mechanism of anti-corruption  in Zhongyang city of  Shanxi

3. Building a harmonious society and Administrative Reform in Fenyang City

4. A study on the optimization of size and structure of local government under the orientation of good governance in china


A Study on Government Response Ability Under the Orientation of Responsible Government