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SONG Shilei

Job Title: Associate Professor
Date of Birth: July 16th, 1982
Tel: 86+18971571838  
Postcode: 430072
Add: Institute of Quality Development Strategy, Wuhan University, Hubei Province, China

Research Interests: China's Recent Economic history; Regional Culture Research; History of Quality.


Education Experience
2009/2013  Ph.D. College of Chinese Literature, Shandong University, P.R. China. Specialized in Chinese Classical Documents.


Research Title: The Research on Tea Culture of Tang Dynasty
2006/2008   M.S. College of Chinese Literature, Wuhan University, P.R. China.
Specialized in Comparative Literature and world Literature.
2002/2006    B.S. College of Chinese Literature, Shandong University, P.R. China


Work Experience
2013/now   Teacher & research fellow (Associate Professor) at Institute of Quality Development Strategy in Wuhan University.
Work in the College of Education; focus on textbook research in primary schools, such as textbook writing, evaluation, management, etc.
2009/2013    Secretary of Enrolment and Vocation Guidance Department, Graduate School of Wuhan University.
2008/2009    Teaching Assistant at College of Chinese Literature, Wuhan University.


Original Articles
1.Protection and Inheritance Mechanism of Intangible Cultural Heritage Based on the Demand Perspective——Case Studies on Ancient Tea Skills, Journal of Wuhan University.Vol.1, 2016.
2.Asymmetric Information and China’s Decline in International Tea Market in Early Modern Times: A Case Study of Exportation from Hankow, History Research, Vol.1, 2016.
3.The Review of Chinese Ancient Quality Management. Journal of Macro-Quality Vol.3.2015.
4.Time orientation and Space Situation of Made in China. Red flag presentation. Vol.8.2015.
5.Shilei Song. Historical Changes of Taiwan Tea International Trade and Tea Culture. Taiwan Agriculture Research. Vol.1.2015.
6.Right Space, Action Characteristics and Realistic Enlightenment of Quality-Citizen——A Case Study of Wang Hai, Journal of Macro-Quality Vol.1.2015.
7.Quality Education of Foreign Universities:Current Situations, Trends and Inspiration. Journal of Macro-Quality Vol.2.2014.
8.Exploring on Doctoral Candidates' Quality and its Evaluation Mechanism. Modern University Education. Vol.2.2014.
9.Textual Research on Dissemination abroad of the Tang Dynasty’s Tea and Tea Culture. Journal of Wuhan University.Vol3.2013. (Digested by Chinese Social Sciences Digest.Xinhua Daily Telegraph.)
10.Textual research on Tai-tsai or Tea-tsai——Concurrently Talk about the origin Tea Affairs. Journal of China University of Mining and technology.vol.1.2013.
11.Revelation of Kaiming Chinese Textbook. Writing Magazine, vol.1.2012.


1.Tu Xianfeng Zhang Jianfei eds. foreign literature,Peking University Press 2014.(participation)
2.Yang Ling, Tao Dongfeng eds. Celebrity Culture: A Reader. Peking University Press 2013.(participation)